California State Univeristy Chico


Name of the partner university : California State University - Chico

Name of the student : Dollie PARTIDA





What’s the official language of teaching or of living ?



Do people usually speak the official language or another language ?

English usually, and Spanish too.


Do people generally speak English well ?





How do people greet each other ? (Friends and formal)

They give a hug.


What are stereotypes of the French people in your country ?

 French people are rude.




Do people value education in your country ? (On a scale from 1-5)

Yes around 4, more regular. There is tutoring and you can talk with your teacher.


How many years is it considered 'normal' for children to go to school ?

 17 years.


In higher education, do students usually live at home or at the school ?

There are many students who come from different cities. They study at this university because it is close to their home, so they often live at home.


How formal/informal is the student/teacher relationship ?

It depends on the university but at Chico University there is a good relationship between students and teachers, it is more formal than informal.




What is the most common mode of transportation in your city ?

 You can use the public transportation, car, bike, go on foot.

What kinds of public transportation are there ?

There are bikes, cars, bus (it’s free with id student card).




Why is work valued (e.g., financial gain, group welfare, individual satisfaction, promotion of group cohesiveness, fulfilment or creation of obligations to/from others, position in the community) ?

Work is valued because it is an individual satisfaction.


What are the most common leisure activities ?

The most common leisure activities are hiking, house parties (but you must be 21 years old).


Is there a “national sport” ? What sports/games are most popular ?

There are American football, basketball, baseball which are most popular.





How important is 'punctuality' ?  

‘Punctuality’ is very important even if at my university it depends on the teachers.


How much “space” is customary to leave between people as you are talking ?

 It depends, I don’t really know.


To what extent is physical touch appropriate or inappropriate ?

In my opinion, it depends on people culture.




What behaviours are considered socially unacceptable for young adults in general ?

It is considered socially unacceptable smoking inside the university.


What gestures, postures, or language have special significance or may be considered offensive ?

It can be offensive “Person to person “.




Do you have a dominant religion in your country ? If yes, which one ?

 Christianity is a dominant religion in my country.


To what extent does religion play a role in community life ?

Religion play a role in community life because for example at my university some courses are in connexion with Christianity.




What foods are typical of your country ?

There are hamburgers, Mexican food and Asian food.


If you were to stereotype the food in your own country what would you say ?

I would tell that hamburgers and it is bad food.




What is the political system of your country ?

It is a democratic system, and federal republic where people are open-minded.





What are big holidays that are celebrated by all ?

Yes it is July 4th, Independence Day but also October 31th with Halloween and then Thanksgiving.





Is your university far from the city centre ?

My university is close to the city centre because it’s a small town.


Is the building modern ?

The building is not really modern but some buildings are new.


Is there a big difference compared to Kedge BS ?

Yes, there are bigger buildings, different buildings. The classes hours are different, and you can choose your lessons.


Do you have school holidays ?

Yes, we have a week for Thanksgiving and also a week for Easter.


Is there a student residence or university rooms near your university ?

Yes, there is one.


Are there a lot of foreign students in your university ?

Yes of course, there is a lot of foreign students such as Chinese, Mexican.




What are the good deals or good plans as a student ?

There is a discount for food at Celestino: Italian pizza, and Peekings : Chinese food.


Are there parties or festivals organised in the city ? Or in the university ?

There are parties like every week and there is an event organised for el dia de los muertos.


If you had to recommend one restaurant, which one would it be ?

You should go to the bar close to university, there are good burgers and 50% of discount if you have you a tee-shirt from the restaurant.


What are your weekend recommendations ? (Tourism, parties, restaurants, etc.)

You must go to Upper Bidwell Park (Bear Hole), it’s a swimming and hiking place.

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