Programme PGE - IBBA



Distance from the city centre

2-4km (cycling distance)


Do you have to travel long distances between campuses in order to attend classes in your university? (For example between Alliance Francaise, Luminy & Vaufreges)


At your university, the food is better and cheaper than in KEDGE and how much does a full meal (salad, warm food, bread) cost at your university's restaurant?

Yes, 4-5€


Compared to KEDGE, is there more or less work at school?

Way more! 

At what age do you usually start your university/higher education?


How long are the school days? Describe your normal day at school.

3-6 hours 




In higher education, the students usually live

Room in an apartment


How about the exchange students at your home university, how do they usually live?

Private apartments 

How do you travel from home to school?

I use public transportation 

In my city, the easiest way to get around is

By bike


How much does a monthly public transportation (like RTM) ticket cost for students?

Over 40€ 




How many exchange student do you think your school has per semester?


Is there an organisation like Interact in your school? If YES, what is the name of the organisation?

Yes, the respondent does not know the name. 

There are more activities for international students than here in KEDGE

Strongly agree 




What is the best thing about your country you study in?

Administration is completely digital 

What do you miss the most from home? It can be anything, abstract or concrete

I feel like we have more balance between leisure time and school work. 

What is the best traditional food of the region you study?

Smørrebrød is quite good once in a while 




What is THE student event/party/trip every student should see and experience in your university?

Usually there is a big party with all the other programmes at Butchers at the beginning of the school year 

Give a few touristic tips about the city your home university is located in. What to see?

Some must-sees are Nyhavn, Papirøen, and Kongens Have   

WHY should a student go on exchange to your home university? Your time to sell your university to us.

We have pretty modern facilities and really good canteen food :)

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